Additional Information for Students Wishing to Enrol

Life Medicine International Inc.

The Life Medicine International Inc. (LMI) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), registered with the Department of Education, Science and Training and has fulfilled all the Australian Skills Quality Authority Standards.

The Institute is a not-for-profit organisation with a CEO, Principal and 7 member Board of Management. It is registered with the ATO as a Health Promotion Charity and has DGR status.

The LMI manages Acacia Life Academy (ALA) and has MOU’s with Abide Wellness Retreat in Victoria and Acacia Health Retreat in north Queensland to deliver training on Campus and access to their residential Health Centres for practical training for undergraduates.

Acacia Life Academy

Acacia Life Academy campuses are situated in Hervey Range, Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Murwillumbah, N.S.W. Narbethong, Victoria and Perth W.A. When you enroll in this Academy, you will enhance your personal and professional knowledge and skills in Business and health. When you graduate you will be qualified to lead and manage others and deliver natural, holistic, health education and health promotion, programs to the public. The graduate will also be qualified to work in a casual, part-time or full-time paid job in business or as a Lifestyle educator or Health Promotion Officer.

In 2020 both on Campus delivery of training and distance education, delivered by eLearning or postage of hard copy of units will be available

Practical experience will be gained by assisting with residential health education programs and business enterprises approved by the LMI Board of Management.

Accreditation of courses has a number of benefits for students:

An assurance the educational principles and standards of the organisation and the courses it delivers are sound and of a national standard.

An assurance of recognition by industry, public and private organisations and therefore, the ability to gain paid employment.

Promotion of recognition of courses between RTO’s, allowing for credit transfer and recognition of prior learning.

This Handbook is designed to give you information about the courses we offer and the requirements of enrolment. Please do not hesitate to contact us about any specific requirements you may have. We look forward to a mutually enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Code of Practice

The LMI and its subsidiary, Acacia Life Academy recognises God as Creator and sustainer of life and the supreme provider for human need, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

As a Registered Training Organisation, the LMI and ALA are committed to the delivery of quality training through the adherence to the principles and standards of the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

The LMI has a moral commitment to support staff and care for students to a standard governed by its Christian belief system.

In the operation of Acacia Life Academy, the LMI is resolved to provide excellent business and health education based on the laws of physiology and to deliver that education with knowledge, skill, love and boundaries.

The organisation is committed to promotion of doing business God’s way and natural, holistic, health education for the public good, to provide a public benefit and support the social fabric of the community.

Legislative Requirements

The LMI will meet all legislative requirements of State and Federal Governments.

Access – Equity

All students will be recruited in an ethical and responsible manner consistent with the requirements of the NVR Standards. Specific client groups, such as Indigenous people, people from culturally diverse backgrounds, women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply and access the support mechanisms the Institute has in place.

Students with special needs will be furnished with information about support and the policies and procedures will be reviewed, if necessary, so as to provide reasonable support within the material and financial confines of the Institute.

Relevant professional development of staff will be addressed. Feedback from clients will be used in the process of continuous improvement.

Quality Management

The LMI is committed to delivering quality service. There are structures in place for internal auditing and continuous improvement. Feedback from students, staff and employers is used to improve future programs.

Student Services

The LMI has comprehensive management practices to ensure effective student services. In particular, there are standards to ensure timely issue of student assessments, results and qualifications. The results issued will be in accordance with national guidelines. The quality control includes a recognition procedure, a fair and equitable refund policy, a grievance and appeal procedure, an access and equity policy and student guidance service.

When necessary, advice will be given to those students requiring language and literacy support. This information is given in a manner that is easily understood by students and staff.
This handbook ensures that all fees and charges are known by students before enrolment, course content and assessment procedures are explained and vocational outcomes outlined.

Students have free access to their own records and assessment materials and results.

External Review

The LMI has agreed to participate in external monitoring and audit processes by the Australian Skills Quality Authority. As the LMI is an Incorporated Association, the finances are audited annually by an independent, qualified auditor and submitted to the Department of Fair Trading.


Advertising of the course is carried out with integrity, accuracy, professionalism and in accordance with the NVR Standards.

Training and Assessment Standards

The LMI has personnel with appropriate qualifications and experience to deliver training and assessment. Assessment is in accordance with national assessment principles (including recognition), adequate facilities, equipment and training materials to ensure the learning environment is conducive to the success of the students. Training is delivered by workbooks, written assignments and practical demonstration.


Assessments will be carried out on assignments lodged electronically, at the Academy campus, and during public health education programs.

Students will be required to undertake a range of assessment tasks, including, written short answer questions, written reports, case studies, design of tools or templates, third party evidence, observation and other methods of assessment. Alternative assessment modes are available for students with particular needs and any form of disability.

Results of assessment may be appealed using appropriate forms.

Complaints and Appeals

If a complaint or appeal needs to be addressed, there is a procedure to follow:

1. Complete a client complaint or appeal form

2. Approach the Principle to try to resolve the issue

3. If unresolved, a written report may be sent to the LMI Board.

All complaints will be dealt with in a timely and constructive manner in writing. Academic appeals are to be addressed to the Board. This process may include a re-assessment. The appeal outcome will be issued in writing. Where LMI considers more than 60 calendar days are required to process and finalise the complaint or appeal, LMI will:

1. Informs the complainant or appellant in writing, including reasons why more than 60 calendar days are required.

2. Regularly update the complainant or appellant on the progress of the matter.

Refund Policy

All fees received prior to the implementation of a study course or prior to the commencement of a training session will be retained by the Academy in a separate fund until course delivery
A full refund of enrolment fees will be made if a course is cancelled by Acacia Life Academy for any reason.

Where cancellation is made by an applicant, more than 10 working days prior to the commencement of a course, the applicant will be eligible for eighty percent (80%) refund on tuition fees. However, participants will be provided with an option to transfer to a course being offered at an alternate time.

Where cancellation occurs less than 10 business days prior to the commencement of a training program, no refund applies. However, participants will be provided with an option to transfer to a course being offered at an alternate time.

securely maintains records of all complaints and appeals and their outcomes, and

identifies potential causes of complaints and appeals and takes appropriate corrective action to eliminate or mitigate the likelihood of reoccurrence.

Once training has commenced in the course, no refund is available to participants who leave before the completion of the course unless the participant can provide a medical certificate or show extreme personal hardship.

Refunds will be considered on a pro-rata basis for students who fall ill or are injured to the extent that they can no longer undertake the course providing a supporting Medical Certificate is supplied to Acacia Life Academy. However, should participants wish to finalise incomplete units of competency in a future course, the original fee can be used as a credit towards that course. This offer is available within a 12 month period from the time the initial payment is made.

In the event of cancellation of the enrolment by a participant in the course, after receipt of initial study materials, the participant will be considered to have used all learning materials provided. 80% of the value of textbooks returned in ‘mint’ condition will be refunded.

Initial enrolment and administration fees paid to LMI are non refundable.


Full and part-time applications should be made to the Academy on the Academy’s application form. Application forms are available from the Academy. For the Advanced diploma or Diploma courses, a minimum academic achievement of grade 12 or equivalent LL&N is required.
If successful, an enrolment form will be issued and needs to be returned with payment by cheque, money order or direct deposit into the LMI bank account. An acceptance letter of enrolment and receipt of fees paid will be issued. A unique student identifier (USI), will be required to be organized by each student.

Credit Transfer (CT) and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Credit Transfer is a process whereby recognition of Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by other RTO’s enables individuals to receive national recognition of their achievements.

Recognition of Prior Learning is recognition, based on evidence presented, which fulfills current competence against endorsed industry or enterprise competency standards specified in ASQA accredited courses, of knowledge and skills gained by experience in a specified field of work.

The evidence may take a variety of forms and could include certification, references from past employers, third party evidence, testimonials from clients and work samples. The assessor must ensure the evidence is authentic, valid, reliable, current and sufficient.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LL&N)

A LL&N indicator may be sent to you to complete. This is not a test, but allows the Academy to make a decision as to the most appropriate support needed to help students reach their goals.
If there are requirements for LL&N support, this will be arranged by the Academy in the best interests of the student. This may involve support from another organisation and any costs incurred in this process would be the responsibility of the student.

If you think you may require this support, please indicate such on your application form.

Library and Web Resources

Required and recommended reading may be accessed at the Academy, local community Library, the Australian National Library and/or online.
Registration at a local community Library and borrowing is free. Proof of identity and a permanent residential address is required.

Registration with the Australian National Library and borrowing is free and is through the local community Library.
Access to the Web requires access to the Internet. This is available on the Academy Campuses.


The course offered by the LMI and delivered by Acacia Life Academy was the 10385NAT Diploma of Residential Health Education and Management. This course is no longer registered as from 30th June 2019. There is a ‘teach out’ time finalizing on 29th June 2021. All current students must complete all units, competently, by this final date, to be able to graduate with the Diploma.

LMI is committed to establish Acacia Life Academy based on the ancient schools of the prophets. This establishes God and His Word as the foundational principles of all true education. The learning materials guide the application of these principles. (“To the Law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them.” Isaiah 8:20)

The Advanced Diploma and Diploma courses are delivered face to face, over one year or by distance education over 2 years. Training is provided on the Academy campuses. Students are expected to attend the full year of training. Training will be offered through a combination of teacher led theory sessions and practical tasks.

If a student chooses to complete the course part time, the length of the course will depend upon when the student achieves competency in each unit of study. The courses are approved for 2.5 years.

(c) 2024 Life Medicine International

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